seattle in a coma

Upon moving from Nashville to Seattle I have learned many new things I could have never learned by staying in Nashville. I started gigging my second week in, and haven’t stopped until this month, as I have decided to take the month off from the 3-4 shows I’ve been playing a month, and take in some music for myself. Last wednesday I went to see “the soft hills,” “pablo trucker,” and “girl in a coma.”

The soft hills and pablo trucker both have names that truly fit their music (which seems to rarely occur). They are both independent bands working hard during the day and rocking at night. I would recommend taking 5-10minutes and check out these bands, and catching a live performance if possible. The soft hills have different images and film clips that are projected during their live performance which I found really enhanced the psychedelic rock ambience moments in their music. I found myself intranced in the music at certain points and it was amazing how synchronized the music was with the images and film clips.

I have been playing lead guitar for a local band called Pedestre (spanish for pedestrian) which has been a fun and frustrating learning experience. We opened for the band Girl In a Coma on Friday night at El Corazon, which is my new favorite venue in Seattle, and rocked the house. Girl in a Coma, did more than rock the house. They ripped my heart out and handed it to me. Being the masculine man that I am, in the past I have had a wall up against chick bands, and I believe that Girl in a Coma, has broken down that barrier, as they seriously rocked my socks off! I have only since listened to 3 of their recorded songs, and they sound good, but from my experience they are truly a LIVE band. I was so pumped at the end of their show I hung out for a minute and then ventured backstage where I ran directly into Nina (the lead singer, guitarist). I had to know their story, where they came from, how they came together, how they got on tour, who does their booking and promoting, and how they developed their sound. Nina was really cool about me hammering her with questions, and we meet at the bar a few minutes later to continue our conversation. If you haven’t checked out GIAC yet I suggest you do so now.

-wes sp8


1 Response to “seattle in a coma”

  1. July 23, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    great post! glad you’re blogging. it’s great that you feel moving to seattle has been a positive growth for you as a musician. it’s also very cool that you’ve decided to take time away form performing to drink in what the scene has. i think that’s an important aspect of a music career that not too many artists realize. you’re enthusiasm over girl in a coma has me fired up. i’m gonna check out their music right away. looking forward to hanging with you out in seattle soon!

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