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John Overby, a good friend, co-worker, audio engineer and producer, has given me the honor of allowing me to be a part of his wedding, on Saturday September 19th. I had the privilege of getting to work with John while he was studying at SAE in nashville, and that is where we made our first recording of the song “One Lask kiss,” which you can find on my myspace. On “One Last Kiss,” Kristin Thomas adds her beautiful voice as well as Remmick Moore adding trumpet. Before I took off from Nashville to Seattle John and i did some recording in my house on caldwell lane, to some known as “the Caldwell Mansion.” We were suprisingly happy with how the sound of the recordings turned out, and as John is already really busy getting ready to make the commitment of his life, he is mastering one of the songs so I can release it to YOU. Native Nashville Hip Hop MC 24/7 played drums on the tracks we recorded and he definitely added a fresh texture to his style of approaching the songs. If you’d like to hear some other songs(“remember to forget,” “back to no where, now where”) that John and i have worked on in the past you can find them on John Overby’s site posted below.

I fly into Nashville from Seattle early friday evening and when I found out I could make this trip a four day weekend, I decided I might as well take full advantage of the trip and book a show at my favorite and most loyal venue in Nashville, Cafe Coco (Sunday September 20th at 8:30pm). I will be playing an extended acoustic set with the accompanyment of the brilliant guitarist Chad Erickson. It’s hard to express how much I miss playing with Chad, he has an ear for music that makes me jealous and jubilant simultaneously. Now if you haven’t ever heard of Chad Erickson, I would advise you to come out and here this guy play(he can sing as well). Josh Hood may make an appearance as well. Josh played drums on the Please Ep, and played with us at most of the live shows. Josh has since put a band together from his once solo project titled “o’don piano,” and it is sounding good!

I’m going to be showcasing some of the new songs that I have written upon my move to Seattle. In my opinion these songs are branching off into a direction I have not yet experimented with in writing and singing, such as writing a western story song called “Gun and Run,” and exploring my vocal capability in tone and pitch with “You proved me right.”. I will also be playing songs from the EP as well as songs from the upcoming single(3songs) and album(8songs). In mentioning the single and album, it brings us up to date with CEO of Radical Notion and producer Jon Stinson. Stinson and I have had to reevaluate our working relationship and are currently hoping to finish up the recording of the album and release in 2010.

If your in Nashville, I would love to see you at Cafe Coco on Sunday night! We’ll get started about 8:30pm and the show is free(no cover). I plan on playing for at least an hour, and will play longer per request. If your in Seattle a couple of exciting things coming up. On September 22nd I’ll be opening for “the Tap Handles,” which are a great alt country rock band from Seattle, at the Central. If your not familiar with the venue the Central, its the place where, nirvana, soundgarden, janes addiction, alice in chains, all played and got there start. Also I’m opening for Johnny Mercury at the Shanty Tavern on October 3rd, along with Little Ray and the Uppercuts, and the Rainieros. If you haven’t heard of Johnny Mercury or the Tap Handles, I would recommend you check them out. Johnny Mercury has achieved a sound not influenced by any of today’s contemporary music, it’s truly hard to describe, but delves into genres, Country (not modern, think Old Hank Williams etc), Blues, Rockabilly, and 50-60’s pop. When i first listened to Johnny Mercury i could not believe the sound he had captured on recording and to think he is a guy not much older than me, is amazing! I’m really excited about these upcoming shows and hope to see you at one, or in the near future. Thanks for taking your time to read. Peace, Shalom. Que Dios le bendiga.

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