Above Beyond Beside Below


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Since I’ve been living in Seattle I’ve played with a couple of bands, and most recently I’ve been playing in a band that I’m really stoked on. We recorded live at CryBaby Studios with engineer Justin Wilmore, you can check out some of those songs , @ www.myspace.com/collaredwolves (we are still working on coming up with a solid band name) I’ll go ahead and preface I’m not happy with the overall tone of the recording. It’s really missing some depth and quality. But regardless if you can just listen to the potential of the songs it’s there, and will only keep getting better with time and practice. We will be playing at the Artopia Festival on June 26th http://artopia.seattleweekly.com/2010/ and I also have a solo show that night opening up for Johnny Mercury at Slim’s Last Chance http://events.myspace.com/Event/4312349/Jennys-Birthday-Bash. I’ll be starting my set around 9:30pm. If you like to see a good live performance, Johnny Mercury is easily one of the best guitar players in Seattle. I’ve seen the guy play with two other bands after his bands set and rip and shred like it’s nothing. His guitar tone is so killer, i wish I could get somewhere close to matching it. In July I’m heading to Nashville for  9days to do some recording with Chad Erickson of Warm Gun Records, finish up some recordings from Radical Notion with Jon Stinson, and last but not least my little sisters wedding. I’m also recording here in Seattle with an up and coming producer, and I’m really excited and hoping to be able to release all this new material this year. I’m going to be releasing a small ep called ‘Three Song Thing’ very soon(hopefully July) and if you want to go ahead and leave your email, I can keep you up to date with all the new releases(where you can purchase or download free) and shows.  You can sign up here http://wessp8.us1.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=03a45d7e996641e4719212441&id=6f9fcf9206 The ‘Three Song Thing” will be released through Radical Notion at http://store.radicalnotion.net/ 
Here is a poem I wrote for you.
Into the vast pacing horizon, where you might not find an embezzled prize.
The size of the center that cancels the cost, the imprisoned winner that lost the toss, and it begins again. Let it end. Let it begin again. 

It’s that unsayable feeling, the dwelling thats dealing. The favors and the supple circles sojourn in solitude and confide within, and it begins again. Let it end. Let it begin again. Let it move you, grove sooth tied tubes, rude dude, that wasn’t in my my my so… & then from there it goes like this (*&$@()()()(_+_+_*/*/*/+_!@#$%&^*()_+_*&^%#<><><><><>:”;’:’;”;[][][]’;][][]’;’;][}{]{][]{;;–=. 


You can always contact me at wes@wessp8.com  if you have any comments, or would like to receive emails about upcoming shows and new recordings. 

Thanks for taking the time to read the words that I’ve written on your computer screen. 

-wes sp8


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