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This is a picture of Runion at Stinsons Barn. I took this while feeding Runion some fresh grass and having a brief conversation in between recording.  “Pffhuhumm….” – Runion

In 2008 when I was still living in Nashville I was signed with RadicalNotion(independent media) Stinson was and still is the CEO.  Stinson started RN soon after we recorded the Please Ep, in his studio(the Bark Pop Barn). Several months later after promoting the Please Ep, selling millions of 45s, and playing stadiums, we decided the next step would be to record an album. The concept was to first release a short 3song Ep, and then an LP to follow. Presently many things have deterred that from happening, and as I am no longer signed with Radical Notion officially, I still work with Stinson, unofficially, and hope to be working with him for a long time(the guy is brilliant). The THREESONGTHING is going to be released August 10th through Radical Notion(independent media) I have a show at the Bit Saloon on August 12th so that will act as the EP release show if you haven’t recieved the THREESONGTHING by then.

I sort of interviewed Stinson about the recording process of the 3songthing and LP(soon to be released). This is going to get technical, so if you don’t care about microphones, microphone placement, compression, EQ, et cetera you might want to stop reading right after this last word HERE!  Looks like you are still reading so since you are, sign up for my email list here, and I’ll send you the newest recordings and info about upcoming shows and snarky whiley seat beatitude salad. Here is the 1st track off the 3songthing MOMMA TOOK AWAY ALL THE FUN

  “well I like it when the bark pops hit the pavement right in sync with my mo mo mo she lo la um eh lumbatawah wah.”  – the and it

From Stinson


kick: shure beta 52 placed inside the drum, right up against the beater head. went through an api 3124+ pre

snare: shure sm57 pointed about 45º and placed underneath the hi-hat, so that i could maximize the isolation, and get a bit of a deeper tone, as opposed to the crack of the drum. went through a presonus firestation pre.

there was no rack tom

floor tom: not directly miced

oh: mono mic. used a shure ksm44 about 6 ft over the kit, and focused on balancing between the cymbals and picking up the kit overall (this is tricky to get right). went through an api 3124+ pre

behind the kit: mono mic. used a shure ksm44 angled about 4 or so ft behind the kit, and just over the top of the floor tom. objective was to pick up the whole kit, but with a bit more of the floor tom. used the drummer’s body to reject the hi-hat bleed. went through an api 3124+ pre

basically, this was the john bonham setup, but with the snare mic added in.


used amp spitters on all the amps, to send the guitars to two amps at once. for wes’s guitar i sent to a fender deluxe, and wes’s peavy amp. for chad i sent to my crate blue voodoo half stack, and chad’s epiphone (don’t remember what this is called). mics on the amps were shure sm57’s, sennheiser e609’s, ksm 44’s (in overdubs), and an audix i5 in some cases (hate this mic, wasted my money on it).

on the main tracking day i ran the guitars through the pres on a mackie 1204 mixer, but in overdubs i ran all the guitars through api 3124+ pre’s


the bass amp was a peavy (i think, can’t remember). did not take a direct signal. the mic was an ev re20. sometimes ran the bass through pedals, such as the voodoo labs sparkle drive, and a big muff. mic pre was a presonus firestation.


tried several different mics, such as a neumann u87, shure ksm44, shure sm7, but ultimately settled on a shure sm57. mic pre was an api 3124+

I remember us trying out some other mic during some overdubbing, but can’t remember exactly what we were doing… I do know that day I experimented with a u87, and some other audix large diaphragm condenser mic, which I borrowed from jacquire king. i think he also let me borrow a pair of akg 391’s, but i don’t remember what i used them on, or if i even used them at all.

nothing in any of these recordings was eq’d or compressed during recording, only during mixing”

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