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Revamp of the website was created sometime back in 2008, and needed some revamping. My wondeful friend Maria Aldana was kind enough to use her skills to whip something up quickly and efficiently. Chelsea Williams took the website photo on a whim, and I was so happy with the way it turned out, we went back to capture the setting again for my next release THE SPIRIT EP which was recorded and mixed by Chad Erickson of Warm Gun Records in Nashville TN. We are anticipating being able to release the 6song EP sometime in December. We have 3shows coming up and you can find the shows schedule on the new main page of the website! Since you are reading these words you probably have time to go check out the site or and let us know what you think.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my latest release you can check it out here

& the Please Ep

It’s also on itunes, amazon, etc. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

The picture above of The Mariomustachio Band includes

wes sp8, Josh Hood, JI Harms, Chad Erickson, Stinson (kneeling)

taken after a recording session.


Making ish happen

So….we just released the 3songthing on Radical Notion (independent media) and you can preview and then purchase it here for the low price of $3

If you prefer to purchase your music elsewhere for instance itunes

or there are links to other avenues like amazon, cdbaby, and tunecore on my myspace

We have two shows booked this month, (one I just found out about today) at the Comet Tavern with M.Bison and Smile Brigade this Saturday Sept 4th, and another on Sept 23rd  at the Mars Bar with the Tap Handles and another band soon to be announced.  I’m really excited about these up coming shows, as I just checked out a show at the Comet Tavern last weekend for the 1st time and I really dig that venue.  Thank you for reading these words, you have a great life now, boobye.

-wes sp8