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interview with pazuzu

I have had the pleasure of knowing and playing/sharing music with Lola(formerly of AParade ) now known as Pazuzu. After being inspired by her newest tunes, I decided I wanted to interview her so we all could get to know each other in words. You can view some videos on YouTube here

1.What is the significance of the name Pazuzu? ”The Exorcist. No joke. I first heard that name from the Demon in the Exorcist, and it stuck with me ever since. But, for the record, if I had heard it somewhere else I would’ve thought it was a cool name nonetheless”
2.You are a former member of the band APARADE, do you remember the time I tried to play drums for that band and sucked? ”I have no memory of that. I don’t think you’ve ever sucked at anything in your life.”
 3.Will APARADE ever be resurrected?. ”I’d hope so! Though the drummer is in 2 active bands right now, the guitar player is in the Mountains being butch, and I still have a whole lot of bananas to peel.”
4.Where can I find and or buy the new Pazuzu album? Where can we listen? ”Buying is not necessary. I finished a CD a few months ago, and have utterly failed at mailing them to people (thanks to my bum CD Burner). So….maybe I’ll make them downloadable some how. If only we lived in a time where people could easily download things from a place for downloading.”

5.Your voice is so so good, what do you do for vocal warm ups? ”Well, thank you for asking, Wes. First, I like to jump up and down for 30 minutes. This is crucial. Next, I like to make a cucumber sandwich on Rye draw a picture of it, and eat the picture. Lastly, I slap my mother in the face with a big fish.
But, in real life, I try to stay away from things that would hurt my voice right before singing.Too much Dairy can close the throat a bit and cause too much mucus. Cold water closes the throat as well and makes it hard to keep a nice, clear tone. I recommend tea with honey before a performance. And of course a few scales or long notes.”

6.Where do you find your inspiration? ”Everywhere. Of course there is musical inspiration, but a lot of the time it’s visual. I’m fond of the imagery of jungles and forests, natural things. Which is why a lot of the time I sound like a Howler Monkey.”
7.Would you consider yourself a homosapien? ”Only on Wednesdays.”
8.What do you think about the earth? ”I think the Earth is the Mother of a bunch of spoiled brats who don’t want to take care of her while she’s sick. Recycle, kids!”
9.Are you happy with the numbers that you own? ”I don’t know what that means so I’m just gonna say what I say to things that confuse me: Your face”
10.Do you ever feel things? ”Every second of the day. But when I feel like I’m feeling too much I like to eat until they disappear.”
11.How did you find yourself in the world? ”Again, another question that is confusing and implies different things when read multiple times, so I’ll answer it the best I can. I don’t know how to find myself. I think I’m getting close, though. Little by little, I think I’m starting to see in what ways I, and other people, are living a conditioned life, with a conditioned way of thinking. But that’s a whole other conversation, my friend.”
12.If you could live inside of Facebook would you do it, and would you change your name to the book that face? ”I wouldn’t live inside of Facebook. When you think about it, Facebook could really make a creepy guy out of someone, it enables you to pry and peek into other people’s lives. And if you’re not careful, you could become obsessed with Wesley Ann Marie Suzanne Summers Speight, like I am. That’s your full name, right?”

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