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artwork by Andrew Miller, Ryan Henry Ward, Dave Bloomfield.

Lie & Wish is the title to my first album, & will be released on 6/20/2011.  Gareth Vaid produced the album & did an excellent job.  Gareth & I recorded the album at The Toy Box in Fremont with the help of Justin Cronk(head engineer/producer) who quickly taught us how to run the studio.  Jenny Price added her beautiful vocals on SET SAIL & UNABATED CURIOSITY.  Doug Krebs, who runs the sound at the Tractor Tavern, mastered the album. It feels really good to have completed this album & I’m happy to get to share it with you.  Thanks so much to all my awesome friends who always keep me inspired & continue to encourage me to keep making music.  Now that I’ve completed my first full length I’ve quickly decided to start recording another album, which I am now in the studio with Charlie Deane.

Thanks for reading & love to all.

Here is the first track off the album titled

‘A Stupid thing called love’[soundcloud%20url=%22]