What if Wednesday wasn’t hump day

You may or may not know that I’m currently in a film and creative media master’s program to which I’m almost finished with said degree and hope to pursue a PhD in Autumn of 2015. You may not care, but then why are you reading this if you don’t care? Keep reading. You do. Anyways, I say that to preface this video was made during our Film Production II class as a project for Josh Link and Michael Dove, who are both very talented videographers. We were going to shoot more footage, but got bogged down with other projects so this is the footage of just the performance. I hope you enjoy starring at my face and my beautiful black guitar Jasmine. As always, enjoy yourself.
You’re still reading, good job!
I’m going to be releasing the song “What if” on my newest album TRANSMIGRATION in July. For now you can preview the song “take it or leave it” here take it or leave it


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