I come from the dirty south/A reflection of the year two thousand and fourteen

photo by Mary Helen Angerman

photo by Mary Helen Angerman

When the end of the year begins creeping up, I begin to feel the remorse set in from the things I didn’t accomplish. These “things,” could be goals I set out for myself or just hopes and aspirations I had. I always want more and yeah I can say I’ve done some things this year I’m proud of, I could make a list and pat myself on the back. Instead I yearn for the new year, a year where I can start fresh and say, these are the things I want to make my life meaningful, fun and to feel like I’m living this short life to the fullest. Have you heard these words before? Yeah you probably have and yeah I pretty much go through the same thing every year, which there will be times when I forget my statement here. I want more out of life, I want to stop being lazy and to start squeezing everything out of this time I have on our deteriorating earth. In hindsight, I’ve had a great year, I have great, supportive friends and family who encourage me to do the one thing I’m sorta good at and I live in the most beautiful state in the United States of America.  To wrap up this rant, I went into my little studio yesterday and recorded this song titled, “I come from the dirty south.” The south will always hold some amount of endearment to me and there are a lot of great things about that region, but as you hear the lyrics you’ll also notice some other feelings I have about that region, being that I lived in it the majority of my life, though it’s not written from my own perspective, it’s written from the close minded conservative southerners.  I had a long conversation recently with CJ Kinton and during that conversation she uttered the words “Reduction to the essence.” Those words struck a chord with me and as I begin to acquire a quantum of new songs for another album, I feel those words fit into the mold that I am currently writing. Therefore, “Reduction to the essence” will be the title to my new album in 2015. Here is the link to the unmastered version of “I come from the dirty south,” I recorded yesterday.


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