Transmigration Tour

Gearing up for 2015, and looking back at 2014, I’ve realized some great things happened and are happening. As a musician or “artist,” if you will, there are moments in time when I wonder why I’ve chosen this profession and if it’s even worth it. It is worth it, and I like the fact that I have to prove that to myself and seemingly others everyday. The whole point of this post is to express my gratitude to my friends, family and fans who’ve encouraged me to keep pursuing music as a career(tear-drop). I am now a managed musician by outer realm management http://outerrealmmanagement.blogspot.com/, who has quickly and fiercely acquired a little tour for me at the end of this month. I am very excited and if you have any friends in any of these areas I will be performing please let them know and help get the word out. Thanks again and shama lama ding-dong.

Tour dates

  • JANUARY 28th @ The Benbow Room SEATTLE WA
  • JANUARY 29th 2015 @ Mock Crest Tavern PORTLAND OR
  • JANUARY 30th 2015 @ Byno’s Roadhouse VANCOUVER WA
  • JANUARY 31st 2015 @ Black Forest EUGENE OR

P.S. I’m going to do another online webcast show via http://www.famelive.com/wessp8. If you have any preferred date and or requests for songs send me an email at wes@wessp8.com



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