I sit here thinking about what to write next as in the past 5 days some very strange things have happened to me that make it difficult to decipher both what they mean and how to press forward. Today’s title is “Vanity” because this blog is mainly about me as I try to convince you I’m interesting enough to read, though I will be plugging other artists, writers and musicians from time to time. Half of my brain tells me I shouldn’t write about myself and the other half just wants to tell my sad little self-loathing story. I don’t hate myself though, I mainly just think the combo word self-loathing sounds cool, but I don’t believe in it. I self-loathe in my vanity therefore I am artist.

I’m scatter brained therefore I want to have my hands and fingers in a little bit of everything artful. The one thing I know I don’t do well is paint. I am a good writer now because I’m doing this everyday and honing in this skill. I want to be great. Those of you who know me, know that the past year I traveled(via my vehicle that no longer works) back to Nashville to pursue a MA in Film and Creative Media. The first week I was back I began compulsively writing 8 songs which became a hope for a new album. That album has been shelved because of lack of funding, though I do have hopes to release it this year in a new formation. That being said, I also began reading an author by the name of Charles Bukowski. I was at the local library one day and randomly grabbed a book of his poetry, was intrigued, looked into more about him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Bukowski and then watched a documentary on him on Netflix and then picked up his first book Post Office http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_Office_(novel)(is this a run on sentence?). Post Office was profound to me. It was his first time even attempting a novel and he wrote it for his publisher within three weeks(208 pages). It’s brutally honest, raw and unafraid and he simply wrote about his own life and made it captivating and humorous. I highly recommend reading it if you are unafraid of harsh language. Why am I promoting Charles Bukowski? After reading a couple more of his books(which are great) I decided I’d take a try at writing a novel. I’ve titled my novel “READ MY BORING BOOK.” Because nonetheless, it’s about my own life in attempt to make it captivating and humorous. Here is page one and please let me know if you like it and would like to read more. Read my boring book. CHAPTER 1

In conclusion, I’ve found from just three days so far, that writing everyday is difficult, especially feeling good about the words you are asking people to read. Thank you for reading and I wish you well. Adios and au revoir



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