I guess that’s change

Let me walk the line

Let me one more time. Before it’s too late

I’m the one that’s you, look at what we’ve been through

Let me one more time.

Two can play that game, this don’t feel the same.

I guess that’s change.

I wish I could tell you the time and date of when I wrote this song. I know it had to have been when I finally started writing something that stuck around.  I like to think of myself as this prolific songwriter, but I’m not even close to where I wanna be. The point is that this song, “I guess that’s change,” stuck around for at least 5 years, because I know I wrote it while I was living in Nashville, because I played it front of several friends and acquaintances at a little house show(in 2007?) A couple of people, who I respect, told me it was a good song, even so, I have neglected the song for 5-6 years until now. I know the song isn’t great, because it was right when I finally came out of writing at least 100 songs that were mediocre, and I’m still satisfied with it just being a good song. At the same time, I only want to write great songs, I know that every song I write is not going to be that, I’ve got to wait for the great one, live with the good ones and move on from the mediocre ones.  And what’s wrong with a good song? Nothing. I’m not aware of any addictions I have, other than just wanting to make little films, write, write some more, perform a song, write an idea that’ll hopefully become a song, then finish an idea. What’s the point of me saying any of this? Get better everyday, learn something, hone a skill, get stronger, smile more, get rid of your anger by doing something productive. We can’t control the time that swirls around us, but we can control, for the most part, what goes on in our lives and especially how we act and react.  I don’t know why this song stuck around, but it did and I hope you enjoy this video I made for it.

P.S. Let me know if you have any questions, like why the song only has one verse. Did you know you can purchase the song for one federal reserve note at this location on the world wide web? https://wessp8.bandcamp.com/album/rejection-letter-ep

Cheers and thanks for reading,



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