Wes recommends TBASA’s Lo-Fi All Stars/A Blog about a blog

I’ve crowned TBASA the godfather or rather the savior of the Seattle music scene.  If there’s someone else that could even claim this title, please let me know, because that would actually be a good thing.  Tim has been booking at several venues for as long as I’ve been in Seattle and does it with both taste and vigor.  He makes the flyers, the event page, he invites and he pushes the artists to be creative in getting people to come out as well. https://www.facebook.com/events/386818624828081/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming Not to shit on other bookers in Seattle, everyone has their own style, but it is safe to say that Tim puts more energy and enthusiasm into the shows he books and as an artist he has booked, it means a lot. Tonight’s show is exciting as it’s one of my personal favorite singer/songwriters Patrick Galactic. I’ve seen Ian Forrester a couple of times now acoustic and it’s always interesting to see him strip down his songs, especially now that he’s in Dirty DirtyI was at that show and it was badass. I don’t know Greg Poppe or of his music, but knowing TBASA, I have to trust that he will be good. As always Tim will be ending the night with his wonderful renditions of 90’s songs as well as his own. I highly recommend this one and all it takes is simply getting to West Seattle, because the show is free. Do it.

Now to plug myself.  I’m thrilled to have a write up today from the Monarch Review and as a reminder you can purchase said EP at https://wessp8.bandcamp.com/ for the low price of 3 dollars. Happy hump day and remember to enjoy yourself.

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