When my unabated curiosity allowed me to steal from Rilke.

I’m the dream you are dreaming

Make you tired to keep you sleeping

When you wake from your slumber

I will be waiting

I stole, “I’m the dream you are dreaming” from Rainer Marie Rilke the poet. It was and still is the most beautiful phrase of prose I’ve ever read.  The phrase immediately sparks so much imagination.  I can’t remember exactly how the song “Unabated Curiosity” formed.  It was fragments of lyrics pieced together to the music which evolved when I got into the studio to record it in 2011.  Previously to recording, I  remember telling Peter Cameron about being inspired from Rilke, as originally I was going to have the chorus say,

Like the thief in the night

Peter suggested, instead of saying thief, I say Jesus(which I thought was brilliant), because according to 1 Thessalonians 5:2 “for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.” There are other verses in different books of different translations that say similar things, which is confusing, but I’m not writing here to talk about the bible. The point I’m making is Peter helped me manipulate the meaning within the metaphor.  I could break it down verse by verse, but I’m not really trying to bore you with that right now. By saying “Jesus,” instead of “thief,” the song now has more of a connotation behind it, where “thief” just sounds like a throwaway line to me now. That would’ve been the safe or easy thing to say. Sure, “thief,” sparks meaning in all our minds immediately, but mainly in just one way, a person who wants to take from our possessions.  Putting “Jesus,” in its place gives it a deeper meaning, however you connect and interpret his character. You can find this song on my 2011 release “Lie&Wish” here http://wessp8.bandcamp.com/album/lie-wish

Thanks for reading, carpe diem and bonjour!



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