Making a game out of Rejection

My longtime friend Taylor(AKA http://www.leafcrown.net/music/) recently asked me why I titled my latest release “REJECTION LETTER.” My answer to him was honest and possibly long winded. Getting to the point. I recently joined this phenomena( insert sarcasm) called sonic bids where you pay this website to get you shows or at least make contacts in hopes to get shows, radio plays, licensing deals, et cetera. I don’t really like the site and I don’t like all the emails I get after I “apply” to the gigs on their site that say “We’re writing to you to let you know that Wes Speight wasn’t chosen for _______.” And so far, I believe the tally is 14 to 2. Being I’ve received 14 of those emails compared to two that “considered.” I’m really not looking for you to feel sorry for me, nor am I fishing for compliments. What I am looking for is the answer(or at least to ponder) whether I’m actually enjoying this rejection. Am I a glutton for punishment? Sounds dirty. Okay, now I’m actually reeling in the final conclusion here, cue the drone swell. I like to think of myself as an avid reader of NPR and wikipedia which I financially support, and just yesterday I was reading this article http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2015/01/16/377239011/by-making-a-game-out-of-rejection-a-man-conquers-fear that talks about a man who specifically wanted to get rejected everyday to get used to the feeling. It’s a really interesting read, so do it you philosopher/psychologist of the mind, and then after that, go to this little special page Rejection Letter EP and consider purchasing it for the small price of $3, or the second option is to feed my gluttony for rejections and not buy it but just listen and completely reject me by not liking it and refusing to ever read this blog again! Whatever you do, I ask that you do it with the utmost of rip-snorting! All sarcasm aside, if you can support me, I am and will be grateful. If you cannot financially, believe me when I say I understand.

I bid thee adieu and a merry unary,



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