Transmigration Tour

Kicking off the little Transmigration Tour at the Benbow Room in West Seattle for TBASA’s Lo Fi All Stars. It’s free, it’s fun and we can sing a sea shanty together. Wednesday 1/28/15 starting at 8:30https://www.facebook.com/events/327341660797574/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming http://www.nadamucho.com/tblfas-58-shades-of-static-brad-yaeger-wes-speight/

Thursday 1/29 Portland Mock Crest Tavern 8:30-11:30 MOCK CREST TAVERN 1-15 8.5 X 14 Tell any friends, acquaintances you have in Portland Oregon and thanks!

Friday 1/30 Vancouver WA Bynos Roadhouse BYNOS ROADHOUSE 1-15 8.5 x 14 9pm-midnight.

Saturday 1/31 Eugene WA Blackforest 10pm WES SPEIGHT BLACK FOREST SORCEROR 11X17 1-31-15

If you can help spread the word the universe and I will thank you. I will dedicate a song to you at the next show you’re at and give you a huge hug. Big thanks to Outer Realm Management for making this happen. Wish us luck! Peace!


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