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Wes Speight covers songs?

I’m now taking requests of songs to cover for both the challenge and fun. If you have a request email me on “the social media” or at I would appreciate if the requests were thought out, as in it’s a song you think I could actually do justice. I’ve been hesitant to even attempt covers where anyone could hear them out of respect for the singer/songwriter and not feeling adequate enough to do a cover justice.  I guess you do change with age, because now I want the challenge and within that challenge have realized how fun it is and so far it hasn’t turned out a total disaster. Part of this challenge is figuring out what the parameters are, such as how long do I have to learn the song and record it because if I have too long I will over think it and it won’t be good, if I make parameters like, I have 4 hours to learn and record the song, I feel it will stay somewhat pure and will force me to be creative within that time frame, plus I’m not trying to become a cover band.  I’m also sorta hoping some of my friends in bands will want to do some covers with me, cause that’d be fun, right? I will also openly admit I am not the greatest drummer or bassist though I do get a kick out of trying to pass as a multi instrumentalist. I’ve got a soundcloud up where you can hear the 4 songs I’ve covered thus far, but today for throw back Thursday I’m emphasizing my cover of the great Roy Orbison’s “Working for the man,” 

Roy’s original version 

I know Roy’s version is better, but I tried and it was fun.

Enjoy yourself,



Win Forever

“My opponents are not my enemies. My opponents are the people who offer me the opportunity to succeed. The tougher my opponents, the more they present me with the opportunity to live up to my full potential and play my best.” This quote comes from coach Pete Carroll. I’ve been reading his book, “Win Forever.” When my Dad gave me said book, I wasn’t excited about it. I didn’t see how Pete Carroll could have any advice for an independent musician. He does, and I’d go far as to say that you could apply the quote above to any aspect of life.  As humans I believe we have competition ingrained in us and competition can and should be thought of as positive, pushing us to be our best.  It’s taken me a while to grasp this philosophy.  While art is subjective, it’s easy to hear and see when an artist has been practicing and pushing themselves to a greater level.  Back in the days when myspace was the place to hear independent music, I had a quote on my page that said, “it can only get better,” and that’s how I still feel.  I grew up playing sports and I knew fairly soon that I wasn’t going pro nor did I have the aspirations for that dream.  I slowly dwindled down my extra curricular sport activities until my senior year I didn’t play any.  While I spent some time being a dumb ass high school minded rebel, I finally was on to something when I went back to playing music. While I’m still not where I want to be, I am thankful to have no enemies(opponents) who offer me the opportunity to succeed.  We are all out to get what’s ours, and it isn’t easy to get it. As most of us saw from last nights Superbowl match, it wasn’t easy to get that trophy. Several people criticized the last play call.  I get it, I questioned it as well, but Pete Carroll has more experience than any of our sideline opinions.  That’s the excitement of the game in that it can change at any given moment, because every moment counts.  While I don’t obsess over sports, I do like the aspect of looking at life this way as well, every moment counts.

In other news, the first round of the Transmigration Tour went great! I had an especially good time at Bynos Tavern in Vancouver WA and the two shows in Eugene Oregon, at Kona House and Blackforest.  I’ll be touring back through there and Portland soon. Thank you so much for your support, the “likes” and “shares,” are encouraging in helping push me onward. So far Bellingham is booked in February and there will be more shows coming up for the 2nd round of the Transmigration Tour. Lastly, you can purchase my music on bandcamp, itunes and pretty much any other digital retailer

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