Wes Speight covers songs?

I’m now taking requests of songs to cover for both the challenge and fun. If you have a request email me on “the social media” or at wes@wessp8.com. I would appreciate if the requests were thought out, as in it’s a song you think I could actually do justice. I’ve been hesitant to even attempt covers where anyone could hear them out of respect for the singer/songwriter and not feeling adequate enough to do a cover justice.  I guess you do change with age, because now I want the challenge and within that challenge have realized how fun it is and so far it hasn’t turned out a total disaster. Part of this challenge is figuring out what the parameters are, such as how long do I have to learn the song and record it because if I have too long I will over think it and it won’t be good, if I make parameters like, I have 4 hours to learn and record the song, I feel it will stay somewhat pure and will force me to be creative within that time frame, plus I’m not trying to become a cover band.  I’m also sorta hoping some of my friends in bands will want to do some covers with me, cause that’d be fun, right? I will also openly admit I am not the greatest drummer or bassist though I do get a kick out of trying to pass as a multi instrumentalist. I’ve got a soundcloud up where you can hear the 4 songs I’ve covered thus far, but today for throw back Thursday I’m emphasizing my cover of the great Roy Orbison’s “Working for the man,” 

Roy’s original version 

I know Roy’s version is better, but I tried and it was fun.

Enjoy yourself,



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