The meaning of Navajo Way

I’m not a historian but from what I know of the history of the land that I live, I know that it’s likely that my ancestors did some barbaric persuading to create this consumer driven United States of Walmart bottled oil. As a child I’d been told that I had some percentage of Native American blood though it’s never been confirmed and since then I’ve done a DNA test to see what is true(though the test doesn’t claim to be 100% accurate). What’s the point I’m getting at here? Why did I write a song called Navajo Way about a Native American tribe who had beliefs such as “our life is our land?” Maybe it’s because that’s an important way to think, which seems has been lost in greed over some green dead Presidents faces. I don’t know how many people actually do research on a topic when they write a song, but I did for Navajo Way, I wanted to come from their perspective in hopes to conjure up that spirit which seems to be continuously oppressed. The song means a lot to me for the reason that it didn’t necessarily come from me, I just took the message and made music to it and the music literally felt like it fell out of the wind as that main riff(which is a good riff, admit it) came out just as it sounds on this video and the recording on “Transmigration.”  I’m also not a climate change expert but you have to admit that what we are doing to this beautiful land is not doing any good, we don’t need anymore Walmart’s, we don’t need any more shopping centers, we don’t need more plastic and I could go on, but hopefully you get the point. Whether or not I actually have traces of Native American blood, I feel drawn to those people who first inhabited the land we now call home. I’ll never quite understand why some call it “the home of the free,” considering the history of it, but I also don’t understand why Andrew Jackson is on the twenty dollar bill and he’s from my home state. If you don’t get that last statement, do some research, the internet is great for that, if not anything else. I recently went on The Spud Goodman show and performed it live. Peace.


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