Scared not afraid

Having one of those moments where I want to release something and am doubting its significance.  I read the news almost everyday, followed by social media posts which can be a combination of inspirational followed by a huge downer and vise versa. Patrick Galactic, one of my favorite songwriters said on a blog post a while back, “I write sad songs, so I don’t have to be sad.” What a beautiful statement. As we’ve all seen there is a lot of unfortunate news going on in our world today, it saddens me that we don’t seem to evolving but rather backtracking to a time of hate. We have to share this earth, and the whole reason I’m writing this post is a hope to feel significant, it’s all it ever is.  My struggles feel so insignificant compared to someone else’s but they’re still my struggles.  When I wrote the song “Self righteous suicide,” the feeling was already there, the words came quick and the music even quicker.  I wanted the feeling to be thing that drove it along, as it’s about someone’s struggle with contemplating life and the thought of ending it. It’s something I imaging a lot of people deal with, go through and don’t want to talk about, which is exactly why I’m still hesitant to even put this out because suicide is a tough subject. But I did. My next show is July 31st at the Skylark and I’m thrilled to be joined by Ian Harper who will be playing monster drums alongside. It will be a relentless rock set and I’m stoked to get nasty.


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