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The Apollo Proxy – Sunny Day Lament (Miss the rain)

A lot of the time when a band makes a “live” video it’s not actually live. The Beatles, one of my all time favorite bands have several “live performance” videos that are obviously just them lip syncing to the studio recording and several bands do this making a video look “live” when there are overdubbed harmonies and whatnot that aren’t “performed.” Do I sound like a hater? I’m not trying to hate on bands who do this by any means, usually the songs are stellar enough for it not really to matter and a lot of people probably just like being able to look at something (the band) moving while they listen to the song(s). Anyways, getting to the point, we decided to go into Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline and record two songs live, one being the title of this post and the other being, “Southern Bastard.” We genuinely recorded these songs live with video footage by Echo Prospect Productions that is legitimately live. You may like your songs completely polished and I respect that, but the last two that’ll be on our (Wes Sp8 & The Apollo Proxy) EP are completely live recordings and from the bands perspective we think that may just be how we record our records from henceforth. The first four songs we recorded for this EP, we didĀ the whole isolate all the instruments, overdubs and spent a lot of time mixing them. For the two live ones, we got the sound we wanted, hit record, then we mixed it on the spot. While I know the band is excited to be finished and start writing new and hopefully better songs, I can say I’m proud of this little EP we’re putting out and that’s a pretty weird place for me to be in, being my own worst hyper critic. I’m sure I’ll ride the roller coaster of emotions about it but today I’m excied and that’s a good place to be.

This post is also an introduction to the band and as you’ll see from this song to “Southern Bastard” we are somewhat eclectic. Our EP “You May Proceed” will be released May 6th 2016 at the High Dive! We’d love for you to be there and celebrate with us! We will be sharing the stage with Seacastle and Mts. & Tunnels. For more info about the show go hereĀ Facebook Event

Lastly, thanks to Michael Dimitre who suggested I change the title to “Sunny Day Lament,” to Rob Edmondson of Echo Prospect Productions who makes wicked good videos and lastly to Glendon, Cassidy and Jordan who engineered our EP at Robert Lang Studios. Mastered by Justin Cronk.

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