San Jose Guadalupe River Park 7/15/18

A guy sits on a bench in a park alone. Sunglasses on and a black backpack by his feet. The grass is green, clean, and well manicured as the trees make for cool shade on this humid Sunday of 79 degrees. His arms are crossed, legs sprawled out, also crossed he barely moves, sometimes shifting positions, as a park bench is only so forgiving. 30 yards from him is a shirtless man, red shorts, somewhat fit, seemingly homeless, with an overturned shopping cart, also red, a shopping bag, full of miscellaneous things (unknown and unseen). The shirtless red shorted guy paces. He’s got sandals on. How’d he get in this situation? The park bench guy, has khakis on, a navy polo shirt. He’s been sitting at the same bench with his shifting rear end on the same coated wood for at least an hour. Is he just killing time until he flys out to work on Monday? Is he contemplating murder or suicide? Did he just leave his wife, have a fight with his sibling, son, or daughter? Why would a man sit on a bench in khakis and a polo shirt all day in a park in downtown San Jose? I may never know, and I may never need to. I won’t break the code of imposing on his life as he won’t on mine, the casual long haired tank top wearing observer on the park bench at an angle of 60 degrees and 25 yards away from him. We could have the world in common but only the world will know.


1 Response to “San Jose Guadalupe River Park 7/15/18”

  1. July 16, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    Awesome point of view – people watching – filling in the blanks.

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