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Why is nothing all?

The writing process is fairly inconsistent for me and I like it that way, which leads me to believe why I’m able to write such various songs that rarely sound the same or delve in sonic resonances. Though, it is easy to have a biased opinion. I first came up with the riff for “Nothing is all,” and kept it on the back burner for sometime until I revisited it, came up with the concept in my little brain and then decided to take a chance on the concept and just hit record instead of flesh it out completely. I’m content with the result and it’s possibly the first time I’ve ever been able to press record with only a riff and come out content. Why should you care? You shouldn’t that much, but the point I’m attempting to make is that overtime I’ve become better at songwriting because I’m consistently inconsistent. What does that mean? I’m consistently writing, which only makes you improve and I’m inconsistent with the environment I put myself in and the choices I make in said environment. Environment meaning, in my bedroom, outside, in the living room, on a walk, taking a poo, or taking a big risk on a riff idea and hitting record. As you may already know, I’m going to be releasing a 16 track self titled album next week and I’m having the usual reaction of feeling fully confident to feeling uncertain. There is a lot unknown, that is part of this journey, but what I do know is that this album is the most honest I’ve ever been and I can only hope I continue to feed this honest compulsory and hold steadfast of fear and instead feel resolve and reason. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your continued support. Lastly, here is the video for “Nothing is all,” which I’m releasing before the album comes out, which is probably not the best marketing idea.


The meaning of Navajo Way

I’m not a historian but from what I know of the history of the land that I live, I know that it’s likely that my ancestors did some barbaric persuading to create this consumer driven United States of Walmart bottled oil. As a child I’d been told that I had some percentage of Native American blood though it’s never been confirmed and since then I’ve done a DNA test to see what is true(though the test doesn’t claim to be 100% accurate). What’s the point I’m getting at here? Why did I write a song called Navajo Way about a Native American tribe who had beliefs such as “our life is our land?” Maybe it’s because that’s an important way to think, which seems has been lost in greed over some green dead Presidents faces. I don’t know how many people actually do research on a topic when they write a song, but I did for Navajo Way, I wanted to come from their perspective in hopes to conjure up that spirit which seems to be continuously oppressed. The song means a lot to me for the reason that it didn’t necessarily come from me, I just took the message and made music to it and the music literally felt like it fell out of the wind as that main riff(which is a good riff, admit it) came out just as it sounds on this video and the recording on “Transmigration.”  I’m also not a climate change expert but you have to admit that what we are doing to this beautiful land is not doing any good, we don’t need anymore Walmart’s, we don’t need any more shopping centers, we don’t need more plastic and I could go on, but hopefully you get the point. Whether or not I actually have traces of Native American blood, I feel drawn to those people who first inhabited the land we now call home. I’ll never quite understand why some call it “the home of the free,” considering the history of it, but I also don’t understand why Andrew Jackson is on the twenty dollar bill and he’s from my home state. If you don’t get that last statement, do some research, the internet is great for that, if not anything else. I recently went on The Spud Goodman show and performed it live. Peace.


What if Wednesday wasn’t hump day

You may or may not know that I’m currently in a film and creative media master’s program to which I’m almost finished with said degree and hope to pursue a PhD in Autumn of 2015. You may not care, but then why are you reading this if you don’t care? Keep reading. You do. Anyways, I say that to preface this video was made during our Film Production II class as a project for Josh Link and Michael Dove, who are both very talented videographers. We were going to shoot more footage, but got bogged down with other projects so this is the footage of just the performance. I hope you enjoy starring at my face and my beautiful black guitar Jasmine. As always, enjoy yourself.
You’re still reading, good job!
I’m going to be releasing the song “What if” on my newest album TRANSMIGRATION in July. For now you can preview the song “take it or leave it” here take it or leave it



Directed by James Andrews
Starring: Lola the dog, Julian Herrera, Peter John Cameron, Henry, & Wes Speight.
read my feelings
wrong the rights
distant dealings
fear into fright
I want you & you want me
let’s make this happen
drift into the sea…

mystic moon
mountain top
drowsily dripping
drip drip drip drop
upon the slumber
of the sleeping wave
the quiet valley
to the suns soft haze

& I …won’t let destiny get the best of me
& I …won’t let destiny get the best of me
Destiny ain’t got nothing on me
Destiny can take the rest of me

into the fog wraps
the wake to rest
the night air settles
in its deep dark breath
set the bar high
rise & fall
we want nothing, but we take it all

& I …won’t let destiny get the best of me
& I …won’t let destiny get the best of me
Destiny ain’t got nothing on me
Destiny can take the rest of me